I will set the world ablaze under the scrutiny of my lens; in pursuit of the perfect shot and the incisiveness of my pens. From my films the true narrative of the ages will be revealed; that we are nothing but a cosmic mistake; self- loving, knuckle dragging worm bait, glorified monkeys, who degrade in concrete cages, devolve from the day we’re born, from spittle to cattle to spittle again, spreading the virulence of religion and vanity at the expense of true connection.

My camera sees the truth; my story will expose the hidden reality… rip apart the veneer of “civility”. We give gifts to receive. We hold to be held. We smile because our insides are diseased with entropy. There is no such thing as altruism. There is no God, no get rich quick, or way to lose weight fast (without rigorous dieting and exercise). There is no Santa Claus and even Keith Richard’s is mortal. There is no life after death or halcyon harp strings and holy gardens to coddle you as you take your last breath; nothing but seeping and inky darkness on the other side.

Take the control. Wrest the power from the God’s; personify Prometheus, long live Bacchus, let the nightmare gravy train begin and set the world a blaze! Take your cameras; shred the skin, gnash teeth, shoot the truth and set it free. Your mission, (should you join me for your walk-on role), is to make a movie that becomes part of my movie. Join me in exposing the glaring hypocrisy in our society; the irony in our bestial beings, the hilarity in our heinousness…and the magnificence of our mortality….

Join me…get the camera, get the camera….get the gun….Join Us, join us, help us, get the camera/gun/camera/gun/camera… Are you ready for your close up?

With love, affection and eternal damnation,